Scope of The Contract

Ankara – Niğde Motorway Project, which has been tendered by the Build-Operate-Transfer Model in the framework of the principles and procedures determined by the Law No. 3996 and the Decision of the Council of Ministers on Implementation Procedures and Principles of the Law No. 3996 on the Construction of Certain Investments and Services on the Build-Operate-Transfer Model of 2011/1807;

  1. Providing of finance, design and construction in accordance with the contract and procurement documents and specifications;
  2. Operation, maintenance, periodic maintenance, repairs in accordance with the Contract and Transfer of the Motorway to the Administration free of charge at the end of Operation Period, maintained, ready to operate and utilisable.

The tasks to be performed by the Company under the scope of this Project are listed below and the sections of the Motorway between Ankara and Niğde;

  • Ankara – Acikuyu Intersection,
  • Acıkuyu Intersection – Alayhan Intersection,
  • Alayhan Intersection – Gölcük Intersection.

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